Web building tricks that come handy


Site in the middle of abandoned construction yard!!!! 



General building tips:



Domain should be chosen so that everyone wold be able to write it down when it is spoken.


The biggest size for website should be that one that of the picture.jpg that will fit into explorer or firefox window at stanjdard resolution of 17 (and 19) lcd monitor.

width="1225" height="836" maybe?? thats code to put in html image


Try not to make your visitors use scroll mouse feature or back buttons interrated on browser. Site browsing should be intuitive.


If you want to give lots of information you will need to have bigest resolution.

you may want to use a picture and an image map for your every site. Thats very simple web site building and efficient if you draw/foto pictures good.


Site should be simple (little clicking, litlle scrolling so use your space consciously. Use concept "don't make think" for your visitors not for you:)

Site should look good, consider using color shemer generatorif you have problems choosing right colors .

Font shouldnt be to big even soo small font looks nice.

For very small unimportant messages you can use xx-small font.

Verdana and georga is better looking than times new roman and arial for text. Color should be something that is between black and grey (but almost black). Just black don`t look nice.





Basicaly you can make your images fade in smothly with ajax.(link comes) If you want to make smoth edges in photoshop use select some area(not whole image)->refine edges(default), make duplicate of background, paint it white and pase selection.

Beside images you may need some communication with costumers. Here is simple php mail form (you will get more mail by using this) and shoutbox for comments etc..

Mail form need a php server to work but it is easy to insert.

this stick can be easily modified and put whenever (the white part on bottom right is transparent)


Basicly choose domain that represent search keywords to be first. Example users of this site are searching for "how to build website"

Ignore "how to" because it is too common and you will have nice "google optimized" domain www.build-website.com. Make sure your custumers arent searching for

"page construction" Genneraly you cant have all the worlds so choose by checking competition presence (fill in site for search queries that dont return so much competitions)

More tricks

Put atmospheric sound in backgroud

Put background picture in site

<body background="4.jpg">

<body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000" id="htmlsource">

If you want to make your site funny to read you can use some smiles.

BOOKMARKS consider bookmark option to have your visitors return. link


Search engine optimization (google)


Title - this is somentihng that should attract users that search in google and match their search queries.

<title>xxx</title> this is title of your page, will be displayed on top and it is inportant for google



<meta name="description" content="xxx"> this will be seen in google description for site

this is desctription that will be shown on google

<meta name="keywords" content="xxx">

Keywords should be optimized to pass competiotion(to be present where competition isnt) and cover field.

web 3.0? (advanced)

Basicly web 3.0 would be more intuitive. Avoid mouseclicks use mouseover actions instead. Tag clopuds seem to be next gen feature. To expand tag cloud use 3d tag cloud and instead of tags use picuters, movies, animations, 3d, sounds, tags, texts and websites. All this should be done in second life or something like this. As you see cloud (natural) is the most morph thing - it can take any shape.



useful links:

www.hotscripts.com page with lots of scripts for all languages. Legendary somehow.


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