Watch and play
learn by watching movies and playing games!

"some things are for pleasure too"

+introduction: select materials that are in language that you want to learn,
that are interesting enough, and may be of produces in country or colture you would like to know better.

the outer limits tags:science,paranormal
-no plot trough episodes- //based on good scores on internet site
kingsands 1x1 first two episodes
Seems to me that first few (about 6) epizodes are cool
The Outer Limits - 03x13 - Dead Mans Switch.avi editors choice! ****
The Outer Limits - 03x17 - Feasibility Study.avi tags:alien, infection, different worlds
The Outer Limits - 03x22 - Rite Of Passage tags:aliens
The Outer Limits - 5x15 - The Haven.avi tags:smart home ****
The Outer Limits - 6x04 - Manifest Destiny.avi space infection,mention of space pirates LOL
The Outer Limits - 7x15 - Time To Time.avi tags:timetravel **

the prisoner british english -plot trough episodes-  tags: language, spy, big brother, cult; 17 episodesfile:///media/disk-2/--za%20dodat/watchplay/prisoner-calendar-08.jpg

x files  english, tags:paranormal, fbi
magazine vikend's choice:1x1,1x3,1x19,2x12,2x13,2x21,4x6,8x12

richard dawkins british english
nice guys finish first tag:psychology documentary
blind watchmaker also cool 
growing up the universe 6 royal lectures (young people), skip long talk and wath multiedia parts (images, expiriments,etc)     

how its made (industry documentary) check new episodes to foolow trends in industry
examples:How Its Made 8x02 Glass Bottles - Hacksaws - Goalie Masks.avi
How Its Made 8x06 Fishing Reels - Miniature Houses - Kitchen Mixers.avi
7x04 Balloons - Wallpaper - Frozen French Fries - Incandescent Light Bulbs.avi
seems like newer episodes are more cool!
similar serie:how stuff works(free online)

IT Crowd series on information technology business, funny, short!
some tech movies: Steamboy, Ghost in the shell, Johnny Menmonic (cyberpunk)

Numbers series on mathematics usage in fbi -check newest episodes

david linch is classic director for your english "to the next level" upgrade :-),
Twin peaks(2 seasons), and other films..
tags:drama, strange

+Serious Games
games for ubuntu:(selection from
armagetron advanced
multimadia lectures and game on it security! *****
Colobot -used for beginner c++ in some schools *****Must try
Civilisation 4 used to teach history
Capitalism used to teach business in some companies
Americas army -learn military stuff, UT99 mental fittness, nice puzzle game:7th guest (old one)

weird nature
interesting serie on animals special abbilitys

note:most of national geographic were chosen randomly. educational materials from same serie must be chosen by "how much is title known to reader" or "unknown words first" for general learning 
national geographic most extreme moments good but very extreme, for people with trained heart(good heart)
inside nirvana cool about swiming in gangesh
national.geographic.ultimate.factories.caterpillar.hdtv.xvid-fqm.avi "too long"
National.Geographic.Historys.Secrets.The.Last.Days.Of.Romanovs.PDTV.XViD-SomeTV boring most pictures with speech.
documentary with with lots of black and white pictures, prefer historical movies
ftp-National.Geograpic.Secrets.Of.The.Can.WS.PDTV.XviD-FTP.avi great one with lots of multimedia and special effects series!!
same as above
secrets of the shaving
as in 2008 shaving appears to be bit more sofisticated, although good history review! ftp-National.Geograpic.Secrets.Of.The.Bra.WS.PDTV.XviD-FTP.avi not to miss this one ;D
National.Geographic.The.Secrets.About.Packaging.PDTV.XviD-FTP best from serie:"Secrets"

about the bridge
netherlands floods protection
luxury big boats
cam positioned on whale would be better on some other animan
emotions seen here are hard to recognise
propaganda (like all others)
Trois Couleurs - Bleu (Krzysztof Kieslowski).avi "art movie" in french 3/5
Documentary.-.A.World.Without.Water.DVBRip.RXP.wmv "next oil" is drinkable water and (imperial) coca cola was the first to know=) 5/5 (bit long, but you know skipping helps)
Dexter 2x10 psycho killers serie has plot but you can still grab tha most recent episode.
Beltesassar's Short Animation Festival lots of animation films, some are very nice!
Sri Caitanya. Documental. 6min.mpg eng with spa subs, great for learning spanish and may be of use in hinduism!
g4l-animal.miracles.rocky.and.marilyn.avi  very bad!
DUBAI WORLD IS not finished huh!

national.geographic.crittercamwildtech.adventures.large.sharks.pdtv.xvid-definite.nfo for sharks lovers
 as in 2009 it's old besides bit slowtelling twins investigated for paranormal abilitys seem to be taken ill and rejected for their potential natural ability worldwide.
National.Geographic.Monkey.Business.S01.E12.PDTV.XviD-DEFiNiTE actualy Nat.geo. junior serie


Movies by country (choose any language,easy to watch
Iran:Taste of Cherry 
Promises -documentary on middle east conflict
Plenty good movies from japan, asia, all around the world
French:Amelie fairtale film
Russian: Tarkovski (Solaris) more difficult film
German documentaries:Wie funktioniert Geld_2.avi multimedia! exelent
Mathematik zum Anfassen - 13 - Platonische Körper.avi 3/5
pacman bis cyberspace quite long german doc about games
Das.Raetsel.der.Polarlichter.GERMAN.DOKU.dTV.XViD-MiSFiTS.avi aurora score:3/5
codename linux ARTE documentary in german about linux
Videomagic - Der Traum von der perfekten Videokompression (DOKU).avi
codecs, mpeg score:4/5
Wunder.des.Weltalls.02.-.Die.Sonne.avi keyword:astrnomish sun,5/5
ct.magazin.Razzia.gegen.Raubkopierer.und.GVU.2006.avi warez prohibition in german
google in german 4/5
Game Over - Spiele ohne Grenzen.avi starcraft, gltron and other cyber games doc;sconre:5/5
Mathematik zum Anfassen - 02 - Kryptographie.avi learn math in german (thinkwell may be better choice)
[DivX - ITA] Squali feroci (documentario).avi sharks with italian speaker from napoli (i think)
The Secret Towers of the Himalayas  (Discovery Civilization CH - Digital Distractions).avi interesting topic for 5 min documentary (its not 5 min) score:2/5
Spiegel TV - Sind wir wirklich auf dem Mond gelandet.mpg soviet satelites were the first landers on moon anyway
Italian language:
pixar like animation that is easy to understand and can be lesten to in many languages!
Impy.E.Il.Mistero.Dell.Isola.Magica.2008.iTALiAN.MD.DvDRip.avi another animation movie has most graphic most intense part in the middle (impy in jungle) in case you are a gfx fan
[DIVX - ITA] Documentario - Africa Estrema - National Geographic.avi
 "italiano" maniac in jungle of congo
[DivX ITA] - Documentario - National Geographic - Diavolo degli abissi.avi
Abiss animals!

4 luni 3 saptamani si 2 zile "romanian language"

Movies by genre
japan samurai western: akira kurusawa
classic western: sergio leone
italian romance:
Michelangelo Antonioni
Film awards:
academy awards (oscars)
too much to list, there are awards for every genre prime numbers, very easy spheres

how to get good films?

just check around in collections of people who watch tons of movies what are they watching


title original language rating comenets 8 when go to london use heatrow for full city view from plane

ong bak 2 thai 8 marital arts from thailand

Odmazda (2001) macedonian 6 foregein macedonian movie with some turks.

reno 911 miami 2007
3 cop comics

Transformer - The Movie japan 4 cyber wars, transforable robots italian

documentary with some 3d but full of interviews

Best of X-Games 2004 [inline, aggressive, Moto-X, Skateboard, Wakeboard, Skate] rip & cut by Super_Skunk [EUROSPORT] german 7 x may stand for extreme,funny weekend movie


crusy deamons millenium

extreme compilation

music only german
of courese germans do it better! 4.5/5

Walking With Dinosaurs - The Making Of

"making of" seem so to be very infromational about making, archeology and also you can see 3d scenes from this video

if you are a normal person one of the things you can count in life is .. death" greys anatomy


maybe latter seasons of serie aren't so good, serie is educational anyway, but understand these people living in their littly world (thiny movie) may be difficult
"A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model" wikipedia

House: House's Head season 4 .15

house is more stressful serie than greys

Nafaka.DVDRip.DivX6-KiKiRiKi bosnian/some english 8 war movie (nato)

6 maybe the prolonged serie had fewer new ideas


credit is bad, credit card not pure :)

Emerging Powers - India
8 "birocratic wall" is term used by indian IT business man?


Mala Nocna Muzika (2002) DVD-RIP XviD by RBT serbian
lots of adult content in this comical second class serbian movie

Bas Rutten's Lethal self defence system
8 deadly, watch multiple times to remember

7 parapsychology and 3d effects

MADE IN YUGOSLAVIA 2005 yu/sweden
dark comedy about imigrants in sweden with some 2d animation

Magische Pilze - ARTE Doku 04-03-05 german
shamanism, psychadelics,etc

hst evolve -sex
6.8 animals having sex: far more noisy females become pregnant


turneja 2008 serbian 7 actors life in war

yoga in bed
8 bed is popular place to make yoga

seems to be gamers tv of some kind

nije kraj 2008 yu
porn actress, sniper man..war.. and gipsy

2600 - The Last HOPE (2008) - Methods of Copying High Security Keys

2600 - The Last HOPE (2008) - No Tech Hacking

batman the dark knight
4 using good name to do bad things

batman begins
4 it's what you do that defines you

Resolution 819 french/serbian and more recent war movie about mladic, srebernica, etc

amundsen der pinguin ger 8 easy tv movie to watch and work at same time

lov u bosni english mostly
news reporters in bosnia

cannibal holocaust
8 extreme violence in amazonian forest

bare baruta serbian 8 kaos in belgrade

the teaching company (ttc) the caos revolution
4 "you know we can't solve turbulance"

Das_Geluebde_Top_Tipp__08.05.30_21-00_arte_90_TVOON_DE.mpg german
old times, stigmatics, religion,.

open your eyes spanish 6 buying life from memory card can be distractful, life from a dream can be a nightmare

weird nature 5 puzzling partenrs
10 bird lead afrika man to honeypot

Stop Smoking.avi 350.1MB
10 hypnotion for smoke less life, first i gave it 2 but after relising effect 10

rat uzivio yu 6 end of yu war movie shooting

4 soapy opeara with promisquity

che el argentino spa 8 let the revolution on cuba play

dich-national.geographic.situation.critical.dp.720p.hdtv.x264 eng 4 nato bombings in bosna (serbians)

mystic iran the unseen world 2002 eng 8 seems like speaker is arabian natvie speeker that means the production is iranian; they use no drugs to get high

smallvile serie s7e9
4 sci-fi, cloning, this serie seem to me nothing special (particular)

la heine turkia 8 irak war form the other side

sanctuary webisode 5
4 serie horror

serie:nodame cantabile (anime)
6 musical students

05 - hvezda cz/svk 10 watch russian space tech in action, sun

Waffenhandel.-.Ein.Bombengeschaeft.GERMAN.DOKU.WS.dTV.XviD-TSCC ger 6 weapon trade, kongo,un,..

Tribe - Darhad [digitaldistractions] en 6 in this episode he tries living with mongolians


another drinking water doc

Náboženství světa 01 Hinduismus cz/svk 8 doc about india and hinduism

Putovanie za slovenskými kaprami cz/svk 6 gone fishing relax

mandragora cz 8 extrem street life in prague

2 best way to kill a spider is to put pressure on it

prof regan secrets of supemarkets
8 "40% of food DOES have traces of pesticides"

kraj rata yu 8 ustasi, yu, ww2 (fashists in yugoslavia)

Svadeni je veda.avi cz 6 seducing science on the channel with sign "s"

cleopatra en 7 move that almost bankrupted century fox

46 - Japonsko - Usmev prosim cz 10 doc about life in japan, tokyo

valiant (animation movie)
6 may be sponsored to propagate aliases victory in ww2

Ultimate.Factory.Ferrari.HDTV.xvid.720p en 6 it is hard to do "industrial espionage" by just watching this advanced factory video

Acapulco Gold - Marijuana Documentary (1973)
7 canabis happend at 70s and rare people today understand it, donate to get information

Mala Nocna Muzika (2002) DVD-RIP XviD by RBT serbian
lots of adult content in this comical second class serbian movie

MADE IN YUGOSLAVIA 2005 yu/sweden
dark comedy about imigrants in sweden with some 2d animation

turneja 2008 serbian 7 actors life in war

nije kraj 2008 yu
porn actress, sniper man..war.. and gipsy

Resolution 819 french/serbian and more recent war movie about mladic, srebernica, etc

lov u bosni english mostly
news reporters in bosnia

bare baruta serbian 8 kaos in belgrade

rat uzivio yu 6 end of yu war movie shooting

Nafaka.DVDRip.DivX6-KiKiRiKi bosnian/some english 8 war movie (nato)

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou Tou Dai Ni Maku - 01 jp 3 swords fights anime

5 futurama move offers little more than greater lenght than normal cartoon eposode

android ana maico 2010 serie jp 8 radio robot, very short episodes only 14 min,cool

wlatz with bashir 2009 italian 8 oddly or non oddly this israel animation movie is italian speaking

1000 places to see before you die brasil
4 two americans in brasil, she uses adult language all the time

14 - indonesie.siberut.a.nias.dva.tajuplne.svety.tvrip.xvid-bb cz 7 indonesia travel

6 rail in india is a nasty place to be, two episodes i guess

39 - cz 7 travel
4 shark cage and other

5 easy doc about austraila fauna (most documentary treat animals as more interesting than plants)

por la libre spa 8 sympatic story of events after grandpas death

7 "cnn presents" reflects the dark side of north korea

Nuclear Nightmare - Understanding North Korea [digitaldistractions] 8 state history, present leader, etc

Salas u Malom ritu.avi yu 8 fashist in village during ww2 5 dirty side of paris is underground sewage

taiwan cz 7 taiwan everyday

Filipíny2 cz 9 two funny cz men drinks beer but presents manila+

Filipíny3 cz 9

01 - Indonesie-sumatra.neni kam spechat cz 7 nova presents indonesian life (and crocodile farm)

37 - cz 7 travel doc

korea.avi cz 8 two cz guys on cz tv

finsko.avi cz 7 cz tv

Kambodža.avi cz 7 cz 1

Vietnam.avi cz 7 cz2 tv

Doctor Who 2005 - 1x11 - Boom Town.avi
6 sci fi serie got some colors in 11 seasons

transporter 2 french 6 action crime

the corporation 2003
5 award winning doc?!

7 jackass visiting tribals:D lol lol after beeing scar-tattoed by ethiopians he says: "what was that all about"

balkanski spijun yu 7 paranoid shizofreniac at work (not war movie)

english patient
6 novel adaptation of ww2 story

4 first minute is enough to get picture what this doc is about ;)

agatha christi poirot
8 another murder case for famous detective

Keeping Up Appearances -05x01- The Senior Citizens Outing
3 senior serie

middleman serie
4 parapsychology serie?

Children of the Secret State - HiddenCam - Inside North Korea!!
4 usa production says nkoerans eat human flash

bucket list
4 what would you do if you die tomorow?

Gods Of The New Age - Hinduism - Origin Of New Age Cults (Widespread NWO-Nazi Brainwashing Revealed 1984(Better Quality) 5

7 reality horror

moore-sicko 2007
4 when list of contitions when you cant get insurance stops exactly homoroides,u knew it's holywood

la haine fr 7 troubled youth

falling down
6 old american bad hero movie

the game 1997
6 douglas in augmented reallity

zodiac (movie)
4 psychopatic murderer form author of seven

CYBERPUNK educator
8 comparison of greek theatre and holiwood movies

silent as a mous ger 8 reality show: self made cop

megacityes las vegas
5 about high electrificity city consume

6 mybe nature will correct errors when travel in the past

Amintiri din copilarie ro 6 unce upon a time

tajna starog tavana cro 6 antigravity croatijan movie

azuloscurocasinegro spa 6 some nude scenes and boring plot

The Devil's Rejects
7 old school violence

Arsenal valící se síla cz 6 artiljery military doc

6 shows some dark site of holywood 2009

Nanotechnologie dalsi rozmer 2002 cz 8 so in cz have good doc about nano

Нимб (порномульт3D).avi en 7 some adult content -cyber en 7 thought that rail docs are waste of time but swis one seemd interesting

Paperland - The Bureaucrat Observed en 8 Bureaucrat+lawman+businessman=three of a kind

Y.tu.mama.tamb.cd1.eng spa 6 interesting:chick has cancer and plays around

отдых за рубежом ru-en 5 language learning dvd

Svatba na Bitevním Poli DVD cz 7 napoleon-country life-easy film

Epidemie budoucnosti cz 8 viruses and farmaceutics

Quantum of solace en 5 new action and old bond (with different face) every year

marco spitoni codeguardian_divx
8 3d animation part of a great colection contained in animations folder 7 trash and recycling

Medicina v extremnich podminkach cz

Kill Switch (2008)
4 steven seagal seems to live in his own reality where cops fight and shoot a lot

Genijalci (2008).avi sr 6 comedy show

Medicina v extremnich podminkach cz 7 diving and mount everest health

alfred hitchcock spellbound en 6 hitchcock is master of suspense in classic movie (hitchcock remain a classic)

AGirlWhoRunsThroughTimeM jp 7 some time travel anime

9 to 5 days in porn
7 america porns doc too long

6 they use interesting pipe in begining of horrormovie

wild 2'006
2 animation studios are copying from each other (madagaskar)

ghostrider 2007
6 comical but evil

vedma ru? 7 paranormal, horror


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