Best from our laboratories and assigment project for internet students: part 1 part 2


We present computer tools for learning, entartainment and work with computer in virual reality systems. Our aim is to make research on virtual worlds and hibernation devices for human body confort and longevity during stay..



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some links: wall mounts for monitor some workstations

general virtuality external links:



mixed reality: PACman outoor and pc combined



AT&T Global Network Operations Center





university library robot



VR fetus in sac


Second life


Big screen

a VR shooter in a ball

device for VR









Lying position computer example. Useful for movie watching, learning, human to human communication, etc. This is the main purpose of this site in future. We are preparing such produicts. If you can support our researc we are willing to deliver you similar product for your laptop.




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