Self organization 


Reminders and alarms:

Use your cellular phone for reminders and pc calendar:

UK's Kalender, version 2.1.5 - Nice tiny calendear for pc if you don't have one. Link

Alarm clock should be independent of electrical currency (i.e running on batteries, or was winden up) to avoid missing plane. When using cell phone instead be very carefull. Use multiple alarms due to event inportance. If you travel around by bus or train consider using cellphone alarms to be time sharp.

Mail can be used to recieve rss feeds easily (google: rss to mail). Conider using modzila thunderbird (options: tray plug in, auto start up,etc.) instead of classic gmail inbox.




Sticy notes are very usefull too. Some guys even repeat even some phisics even on the toilet.



If you have cable problems make sure you write on every usb and power plug the initiate of what it is.

Most left stick was taken from banana, same as red tape used to protect and mark cables (some marks must be made on cable because plug is not always seen).



This cable uses shiny stick to be more seen in dark. Glow sticker are even better.

Paper attached to table is used for table protection, soft grounding
for hand and more important place to make notes.


This is not an example of great organization but such structure allow me to easy plug in and plug out electrificity (storm prof)






Folders can have names as

-----= computer stuff =-----

(looks nice in explorer or total comander and make folder apear on top when sorting)

to make them more inportant.

Partitions are actualy very bad for organization, offten lead to data loss, disc space loss, and have hardly any useful application. Make folders instead

When you are deleting files to gain disc space it is possible to quicky make deleted.txt file with deleted movies files for example.


besides, minimalist and organized rooms are known to produce lower stress levels.


Everything should have its place.







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