Mosquito treatment




the easiest way to spot mosquito may be on white color, that's why everything is white here (even background of this page, lol)


defeating mosquito camuflage by wearing white dress

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mosquito is more vulnerable during blood drinking so waiting mosquito to land on you may be useful.


other techniquie: constantly moving human is a hard target for mosquito. It is smart to move up and down the room when attacked by agressive mosquito.

the best place to give mosquitos a treatment is in the white toilet.


mirrors are so great to spot mosquito. You actualy see things ahead and behind you! 


Animals that present treat to mosquitos (mosquito hunters friends)

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spider treating mosquito




inspection after rain will reveal where water stays

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night mode:


lamp (monitor) in dark attract mosquito so it can be a trap


such door will make mosquitos go out of room (or in)


mosquito coming below the door??

blind people don't live in dark places but you can



to treat mosquito bite?

just put some saliva on it,

more>listen hard for mosquito sound-see our silencing guide

train your both hands

mosquito net is common solution

mosquitos seem to like and dislike some smells and people who eat different food

mosquitos will always try to bite on skin, clothes may be a big problem for them (see longevity tutorial)

sleeping mode: make sure mosquito has no acces to your legs,2. when mosquito comes move your head (not too much) just to make inpossible to bite.3. wait 10 seconds 4 slowly open light (move slowly) and spot mosquito waiting near your bet on the wall (great possition for hunting mosquito)





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