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Recomended links to blogs, news etc. for students:



productivity tech blog, getting more Apple style last time


newsblog with photos

news about new technology in medicine, might be difficult to read



nano, tech, science, etc Not tested very much.

-yet another but well respected tech source, no photos


Hackinthebox, astalavista

it security news



good mostly tech and interesting news, good to take a look at new photos

luxury blog for your eyes

should be interesting, maybe it's not. Not tested.

Emerging trends in many technologies: AI, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, life extension, related areas.

Comment:nice newsletter


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Recomended textbooks:

These should be avaible in digital form.

Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig (2003) Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Prentice Hall, 2nd Edition.
berkley slides: very quality and compatible to this book(but not tested)


University projects construction


Links for additional learning:

World lecture hall-plenty of lectures of all kinds. Quality is variable.

similar site, beaware of quality of chosen material for both

Some lectures are in slovenian language. Most are from summer schools, lots of AI and computer stuff



Link exchange:

If you want link exchange send us message. If you want us to supply you links of your topic send mail.


Multimeda learning resources (not free)

Thinkwell - general college stuff

Keystone, learnkey - computer stuff; contact us if you can't find it

multimedia/interactive online:

bbc human body interactive bbc flash applet to dicover body

Cnet interactive tutorials - plenty of them