Frequent word learning web application


Summary: program goes common words and google images 

How to use:

warning this program loads extensive picture colection that may make you over emotional. Not recomended for hearth problematic and old people,

for the first time chose topic not of your interest.

first words generated as "and" "of" "the" do not yeld good resoults in pictures. Be aware of deleting first items you have good understanding. Advanced language users should delete at least first 1000 items! Chose last so many most common words that you will be able to see whole show!

Word list generation often take time. You are expected to have fast computer. Unique:10352 Total:72200 took about 10 minutes to calculate!

Text input should be selected in your language, field and how advanced your field is. Easy choice is an wikipedia article.

When learning you should read words loudly (watch pronounciation) and more times!

To close slide show before end just close the browser!

This was tested with browser opera 9.25 usb (portable), don't be signed in to stay away from google pesonalization problems(why not use it in a schoolol library?). If you feel like destroying google statistics use google image labeler to learn advanced english a little bit.

Additionaly hit f11 button (in opera) for full screen more! yeah

this toy is useful also for google images browsing and extracting information from text

have dictionary opened for (quick copy paste) . Writing things down will help remembering words.

To restart the show you need to refres initial page.

Examples where to get your input text: big site with books, modern language encyclopedic articles



(before this step put your text in the box below)
 Count pure words    Count everything as words (example: "here.")

(can take a lot of time for larger texts)


Most common word to start with : (depends on your language level, should be over 10000 for learning your first alnguage)

Most common word to end with :

Pause between two different words displayed in google images: (depends on your connection speed)

Input your text below: should be long at last 5000 words!

This program was not fully developed yet, some features are missing. Please donate below.

todo:count and sort,




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