How to speed up pc


1. Lets start with section "how to get rid of unnecesary processes"

a.make a file with extension .bat (i.e killprocesses.bat)

b.put inside (win xp tested) with your own unwanted processes names:

taskkill /IM Richvideo.exe /F
taskkill /IM ThunderbirdPortable.exe /F
takskill /IM thunderbird.exe /F

and maybe:

taskkill /IM explorer.exe /F

kills almost all microsoft content, you can use ms windows kernel than and play your high usage game. (get toolbars back by typing into run "explorer.exe") note that task maneger is only application remaining that don't have system "user name" Before pc 3d game was started (run command) also this process was killed.


2. Manage process prioritys:

give programs that you are not using lower prioritys. Great if you hibernate.

How to?
create shortcut to your application, right click on it, select properties and than change target to look something like this:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c start "A" /low "c:\games\UnrealTournament\System\UnrealTournament.exe"


This game ("c:\games\UnrealTournament\System\UnrealTournament.exe") was given lower (cpu) priority to keep my background file transfers running smoothly. So both game (almost same and high fps) and background applications run.

You will more likely want to slow down your backround processes(torrent, messenger,etc.) to keep your main process running fast when cpu usage hit 100%


Hey!! Why can't be 1 and 2 applied in real life too? =)


3. Visual settings, themes, etc.

use optimize for performace, the only option you should consider using is smoth edges of screen fonts for best text quality.


4. Software

Opera is the fastest (and most secure?!) web browser: tested "opera 9.26 usb"

use portable programs to keep your system in good condition
keywords: thinstal, portable,"no install", usb, etc. place "portable" in google or softpedia


Of course avoid using any antyspyware or antivirus utilitys running in backgroud to have optuimum speed.


5. Speed up internet:

Use programs like netlimiter and cfoss speed if you use more than one simutanious proceses (most people do) that use your internet connection and you want to lower other programs connections rights.

6. Overclock (experts)

Every pc can run faster even on a hot summer. Commonly overclockers overclock cpu, gpu and ram. Warning: you wil be loosing data when pc is turning off or reporting errors due to heat. Some people even overclock mouses refresh rates but that is not object of this tutorial. For tutorials about overclocking search google. Generaly you will check bios and instal tweak program for your gpu. Fist change values a little bit to see if overclocking works. Than slowly change values, each change should be tested long time! To reset bios use jumpers or ctrl at start up,etc. Good luck!

7. Move to linux

linux s faster than windows.

here is an example of easy transmision to linux

what we need
1 pc with at last 256 mb ram or more with no valuable data
2 ubuntu hardy cd (or newer, there may be also better or faster linux distributions)

1.install (very easy) -create only one ext3 partition
2.go system>administration>software sources. Chose all but source code and cd-rom
3.programs you need (system>administration>synaptic packet maneger)
wine (for running windows applications) bring that portable applications you have
nvu (instead of dreamweaver)
gnome commander (instead of windows commander)
vlc to play advanced video files
?archive maneger

and that should be it! vuola about 50 min