Data Security





1. Prevent acces to data

1.a Pc is on

tested programs:

chris pc lock - simple program to give your pc password protection from your grandma. If you are very fast going to taskcommander and switch it off you are able to use your pc again.

win rar - sensitive data may be hidden into archive with password.

hide folder xp - folders can be hidden and unhidden with this program. When hiding folders user should be aware not to forged about hidden folders. Portable version exists.

Complicate. Change programs names, icons, themes, encode your texts etc and noone will be feelling at your pc like at home again!

2.b Pc is off

Hide power switch to prevent somebady to use your computer. All you need to do is to get two wires from the power jumper on your motherboard. Maybe even single wire conected to your pc case will switch your pc on! Easy but effective solution.

Computers generaly do not burn but fire can be prevented by reducing inflammable materials in premises.



Tools to make your hard drive image exist like Norton Ghost (avaible on multi boot cds) and even some open source. It is useful to make hard drive image after longlasting instalations. User should consider copying files to services like gmail (gmail drive), mediamax or publish files online to have a security copy. Backup should (or may be) be unchangable (like cdrom)file:///media/disk-2/--za%20dodat/UNI/how_to_easily_secure_data/cd-rom.jpg

Cd is stored in jewel case for maximum protection, against schratches, has title on it and in dark and place with constant temperature.


3. Virus, adware, spyware removal

a. The most secure way is to put hard drive inside another pc, boot pc (boot from resident drive!) and run antivirus utilitys on infected hard drive.

b. General procedure

b.1. install antivirus or adware that will be running in background and scan all processed files.

b.2. run another (or adware or antivirus) that will go trough your files. This way you will be able to perform adware and antivirusscan at the same time.

note that security software must be up to date and not infected. Malware programs may be closed directly in task maneger. If this can't be done boot windows in safe mode (F8 key at start up).

example free antivirus utility: (Avira)

examople free anty spyware utility (ad-aware homepage)

4. Deleted data retrieval

There exists plenty of sotware to retrieve data from hard drive, cd rom, flash memory card, etc. Tested software:Restorer should be ok for hard drive..

If your hard drive stopped working there are several ways that maightbe worth trying to get him back to work (i.e freeze it).

5. Use only secure software

Secure software is softawre that can be trusted. This is because you tested it or someone you trust has tested it. Automatec updates may lead to data loss, because some product updates are unstable. If you are satisfied with program do not instal updated version (if it is not for security holes).

Trusted site for downloading software is for example softpedia. Open source software may be considerd more safre because you know what is running on your pc (or someone else knows for you).

What everybody use is often unsecure (example:windows)


5. learn about security threads

external links(beta):

tutorial at bbc


security news: google: hackinthebox, astalavista









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