How to get better vision




notes: this tutorial deals primarly with people who don't see well at distance and may be expirimental or trivial!


Traditionaly "text reading" is know source to bad vision. This is often implayng in books, television watching (subtitles) and pc (world wide web).

Problem of not distingushing two leters at the distance (not distinguishing i from l) is similar as not recognizing sigle point (dot/dots) that lies between i and l. This is sometimes called spatial vision that means targeting at sigle point or small area.

Regaining spatial vision may be similar to regaining eye sensivity by reducing usage of spatial vision*

First it is needed aviodance of text reading. This can be done by using audiobook, text to speech (example opera web brouser), etc.

Second it is recomended to avoid looking at small pictures like tv, pc, small size newspapers, etc.
Instead buy big tv, watch high definition moives (example:1080p, blu ray) and tv and besides buying big picasso picture buy big newspaper:) Cinema for example is not known to produce bad vision. There may be three reasons for this: 1. projected picture, big picture and high resolution picture. To get bigger picture may be recomendet to use ambient (background) light.


Another problem are keyboards. These are offten uset so that user look at monitor (for spell checking) when typing. This result in smal picture (text instead of whole keyboard). For typists keyboard should be chosen so that the keys are pressed hard and can't be missed (like those on good old typing mashines).



Note: Too strong glasses may reduce possiblilitys of vision improvement (Bates method)



this eagle sees big proportions of field (by eyes) and chaches small movemens of mouse (by brain and not by moving eyes or lenses). His sight is not fixed on small dot (mice) but on high resolution picture.



* or maybe reducing near vision usage, expiriment and report

** it may be common that school students see better after summer holidays. Do not practise this for longer perionds, you may gain nothing.

note: some studies suggest that playing action video games (unreal tournament-goty) increase spatial vision. It (focusing on more moving objects at the time) may be similar to focusing on big picture by eagle. So called analitic vision is better than on point focusing vision.

note2: natural green color othen takes place in eagle vision.. text used in this tutorial is green, "default font" and of size "none" chosen for your best reading confort.

note3:vision:bayes teached to use less glasses. Try to avoid glasses when dew is on them, when swimming, intercourse, gradualy you will learn to live without glasses (and hopefuly regain good vision)

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