Advanced google search training

Best Tv show search.

intro:we like two series and we re going to search for some more

google:intext:prisoner intext:"twin peaks" -intitle:prisoner -intitle:"twin peaks"
twin peaks and prisoner are 2 nice tv series. We are looking for pages that talk about such nice series but do not have them in title (do not talk exactly about these two series)

first result yelded: Strange TV: Innovative Television Series from the ...
Discusses how The Twilight Zone, The Prisoner, Twin Peaks, and The X-Files challenge the conventions of television programming and encourage audiences to ...

two new series!


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2. further  we cancel chimes fo big ben second episode of prisoner. Even better we will take  -"chimes fo big ben" because of its unique name to deselect episode review sites.

167.000 results left

results like:
Battlestar Galactica | The Prisoner | Gilmore Girls | The IT Crowd | Twin Peaks | Firefly | Mad Men | Star Trek |. Battlestar Galactica ...
are seen without leaving google.

3. as we probably all hate "Battlestar Galactica" we may cancel that too, but as we like IT Crowd we will add that so
intext:Prisoner intext:"twin peaks" -intitle:Prisoner -intitle:"twin peaks" -"chimes fo big ben" intext:"it crowd" -intitle:"it crowd"

we are now getting results like
Review: The 50 Greatest TV Dramas - The Medium is Not Enough TV blog Customer Discussions: best TV shows ever--US & UK intext:"twin peaks" -intitle:Prisoner -intitle:"twin peaks" -"chimes fo big ben" intext:"it crowd" -intitle:"it crowd" -"star trek" -"battlestar galactica" -simpsons -Beverly Hills -"Harry Potter"

deselecting movies we don't like or already seen. Last one Harry Potter seemed to be interfearing with "prisoner of Azerbajan" with our Prisoner.
Got 7 results left, lots from MySpace (your soul mates)

Have a nice time!

Educational slides search

Example word: astronomy

google:astronomy (course OR module OR lecture OR class) -syllabus (notes OR slides OR script) filetype:pdf
options: change filetype to pps (seem not to work correctly with OR)
more small form
astronomy -syllabus filetype:pdf

Remember: when google returns more than one page of results: FIlter the results (by using - is the easiest)

Event search

let's say we are off to Liverpool on 26th october 2008
we checked all on wikitravel and we know all museums, now

(october OR oct) 2008 ("free entry" OR "
free entrance" OR "no entrance fee") (liverpool OR "nearby city 1" OR "nearbay city 2") (event OR party OR exhibition OR club OR whatever)

first () are to save money second () to save gas third to select events, put the (26 OR 26th OR 27 OR 27th) to select dates

also just 
26th october liverpool could be useful to start with!


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