This tutorial covers smart light usage in computing.



Follow step carefully:

1. use black color scheme in program that support color schemes. Best example is winamp classic skin (green text on black). This can be arranged in Total commander, Direct connect, and many other programs.

green on black, Black should be off(no light) and green should be natural instead of poisonous.

2. use Power dimmer screensaver. This screensaver slowly dims your monitor to black without interrupting your concentration.

?. invert screen colors. This can be done in windows themes or using application magnifier ( however the problem is in web pages that use default colors. The magnifier (inverter in the previous link) consumes some cpu. Alternatively hit ctrl+a to select text and invert colors.

3. use audiobooks instead reading. You will easily save sensivity of your eyes by listening instead of watching/reading, etc. You can do it in dark without monitor lying on bed, etc. Some "Text to speech" programs are useful too. Opera is free browser that has biuld in text to speech function but it is still in development.

4. use as little light as possible. There is need for light on keyboard (some keyboards have illuminated keys) and some light on background (to prevent high contrast monitor-background). Try decreasing brightnes, gamma if you are in dark. This can be done by Gamma panel program. If you work in very dar you can use some sticker on your keyboard that reflect monitor light so you are able to type.

Warning: most screens (tv and pc) have default settings for light contitions on expositions and vendor premises, that are often lighter than your premisis, so decrease brightness.

indoor lights intensity can be easily controled by cheap equipment.


Such keys give beside monitor reflection some roughness
fell for better coordination. When working outside with notebook in dark, very useful. Reflection and glow sticks can be used as markers on cable ends too!




5. do not see things that do not need to be seen. Try enabling auto hide option for taskbar(with start) in windows xp for example. This should increase your concentration and reduce stress level:)

6. try setting desktop to blank instead of using wallpaper.

This pirate also uses cover to mantain his eye sensivitiy high before he is entering the opponents boat premises


Monitor can be made "wide" very simply. Light emmision are lowerd and some radiation possibly. Looks nice for films! (cardboards are blocking excessive light)


This expensive nec monitor light shelter can be made easily too! Outdoor use and indoor use to protect light to fall on your monitor.

external links:

2 subscene very nice site example on green black colour sheme usage

3 lifehacker darken tutorial (make all web pages black - very nice!)








-The idea is that lower light consumption will gain better vision, similar to people who live in silent places and hear very good.

-Some games shall improve your sight like Unreal tournament (original version) as some studies suggest. Consider playing maps with most players.


see also our totorial on how to get better vision.





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