Computer Ergonomics 







Carpet under chair may increase "softness of your seat"

Googlesearch:carpet chair mat

Same will do carpet (or any soft thing) under table. (too soft table may move your monitor - btw. drummers have interesting soultion)


Chair should put same pressure and temperature on all parts of the body.(chairs with net)





Keyboard (character keys) should be in the same position as monitor.

this area is used when typing only (msn) and should be positioned ion the middle (same as seat and monitor)

Problem is in mouse that put characters too much on the left and made typing for right hand uncomfortable. Choose keyboard that have "insert+home+page up" more together

or without numerical pad to make enough space for mice and character keyboard on table.

this section should be as slim as possible, maybe it would be better if you just forget about additional keys to make place to put both mice and keyboard in the same line on the table.


kind of solution may be keyboard for left handed.

square mouse pad make better use of avaible space than round mouse pad.


There exist two types of typing keyboards, some are in length twisted and some are in height twisted (wave) or both. Haven't tested none of them.


And by the way laptops are really bad at ergonomics. Laptops are nice at the airport, in cafe, but just don't type on that small keyboard at home. Get yourself a proper usb keyboard it doesn't cost a lot at its value stays intac over time.


Maybe the height of the keyboard should be little lower than table.



Wrist problem: strech your fingers using zen balls (or some other tool) or just stretch. Watch a movie or two when pain comes.



Posture should be natural.


upper arm- lower arm: 90° and more

upper leg lower leg: 90° ?or more

back - upper leg: 90° ?or more

lower leg -foot :90°

back: 180°

neck:180° or less -probaly slightly less

head, body orientation:0°

lower arm - hand 0° or hand is lightly down.

more serius and cool at ibm link and link


Interesting fact is that if you have rotating chair your working environment can be 180° around you or even more.


Shoulders should have some support, but don't take all support on your lower arm muscles (muscles should be soft, shouldn't they?).


To reduce stress levels when working avoid possibility of entrance of angry boss right behind your back


To prevent your eyes explode check: if you havent already

Brightnes should be adjusted to your room lights level. Default setings on tv and monitors are often adjusted to bright (shops, exhibitions, etc.)

Monitor should be just under your eyes to have maximum liquid (tears) in eyes.?

Monitor should be big engough for you to see without leaning forward



Significant product:,,a10-c440-p8,00.html some chairs

this expensive chair (even some more expensive variaton exsists is important and somehow cult corporate object)

this mayght be nice if you feel pain in your back. Clasicas gym product otherwise. Useful for quick stretch.

exercise balls (china zen balls) are known to be the most soft way to give your wrist a training. (train silent and no touch when rotating)



luxury ergonomic workstation example. Note position of keyboard (lower and in same height).

this station make your upper arms muscle free of pressure, that is important when controlin fingers on hand. joint should be supported (soft pressure), working muscles pressure free..


such environment that enable your moving muscles (your hand muscles) move freely

tetis is good testing tool to test arm muscels pressure (put level as hisg as possible)


legs up for blood to return (resting) 

strange chair is called zero gravity chair

to come>

use both hands (example: smoke with left and surf with right)

put soft carpet or something also below table to increase softnes of working environment


excelent home sport device: hands, legs, coordination and fighting! buy

perfect suit for pc usage?? belive it or not but it is very soft


left is cellphone stand right is mouse cable holder (iThink)


advanced: learn to use left and right hands and legs. Solders must make both legs the same sound when marching.


standing on left leg should be changed to standing on right leg (and controling balance with left leg)


just educational walking picture


cyber command center example

sheep (merino) wool may be goot to put on your leather char (it is used by truck drivers too!)

keyborard may be cut or brushed off on the right side, both keyboard and mouse may be positioned in additional desk on table with hole (for lower position); book may be posittioned under mousepad to gain same height as keyboard

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