pc silencing & cooling


Here below are shown basic tricks needed in silent pc modding!



1. hdd life pro - this program will lower noise of your hard drive. Relatively few pc speed will be lowered if you have a lot of ram. Nice one.

acustic manegment in hdd life pro should be done carefully: Make sure you delete tha low disk alam wav file otherwise your neighbours will think the firefighters are coming.

2. "cpu idle extreme" -on older processors you will be able to lower cpu temperature with this program and this way decrease fan speeds. Small temperature drops here. This may be useles in news processors. However P4 on Win Xp drops temperature.

3. "Quiet and cool", etc. (similar technology exists for amd and intel pcs)


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1. To get rid of noise place computer away from you. Long cable for vga and usb cable+hub (keyboard, mouse, usb audio, usb flash or webcam) are relatively cheap solution, Pc might be placed in non heated room. This is efficient solution!

2. If you can't move pc than put something between you and pc. Even some blanket cover over pc will do some good.

3. Place pc on the floor. This will lower pc temperature, because temperatures lower are lower (hot air is going up). Than you can decrease fan speeds.

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4. Small improvements: make sandwich for hdd, put carton in inner edges of pc case (works great), remove fan blockades as cables, and iron nets on power supply (risky? - the iron net on power supply inside case may be removable by screwdriver, it is another fan blockade.Warning: do not not live unblocket path to inside power supply may risk serious electric shoch!!!)

5. An option is to make pc with mineral oil. At your own risk you will be able to sink even hdd in mineral oil and make you pc silent this way. Search Google for details.

6. Beware that any electric device make noise, even when you turn off the TV sound you will still have some noise. 1 and 2 may be your only possible solutions, before you turn your devices off.

7 Fans make noise. Your cpu and gpu will probably work fine after removing fans (higher temperatures will shorter your components lifetime).

The power supply is risky. But possibly removing fan in power supply will lead just to occasional "turn offs" and will not damage your components and data. Warning: if opening the power supply make sure the pc is unplugged. High voltage is inside power supply. Fanles power supply is not a big cost these days.



As some people from the net would agree, you are able to hear cpu at work. When switching to 100% usage you hear high frequency noice. Amazing no need for task maneger??




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