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These are lectures, for tutorials please

 Todays lectures

General Psychology
-No previous knowledge needed.
-This classes are casted in several years
-The last year is recommended.
-The lectures tested had no or little problems and the lecturer is older
black hair man with glasses.
-Beginnings of first lectures are about sylbaus and may be skipped. You can watch these letures as they happen.
-lots of video lectures on site

Plant Biology
Type:Final Exam with solutions
Rating: 4/5
-everyone can take this exam.

Mathematics: Topology
Type:Lecture notes
-some mathematical background needed
Not tested

Sodoku power point sodoku lecture
hosted by singapore university, learn sodoku.
Science and spirituality views
Type: Lecture notes
Hosted by: Las Vegas University

Computer science: Theory of computation
Type:video,notes,exams with solutions,problems with solutions
Other lectures at the root:Yes
Basic computer science knowledge needed. Theory of computation is considered very "true" computer science.
-some other lectures "near"

General Astronomy, introduction
This lecture is interesting and fun enough to keep you watching.
-If you like Hubble images this may be for you.
-Beginnings of first lectures are about sylbaus and may be skipped.
-No previous knowledge needed at all.
-previous version of this webcast was tested.
The lecturer was young black hair funny man.
Comment: Newest Berkley video lectures are videocast. 
This mean you can watch them as they happen(few hours delay).

Some more
(not tested):
popular lecture by mit profesor on physics
Artificial intelligence, neural networks; should be easy and nice with lot of pictures

hidden bonus lecture:sodoku by singapure university


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